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Why infographics


Posted by Upinder SinghPosted on 2013-02-12

Have you ever observed that most of us feel that our brain has stopped working when lot of data is thrown at us? This is what happens with the customer or the person to whom you are trying to persuade even with relevant data. It also becomes a challenge on how you can effectively communicate to the people with your content. Making one\'s content eye-catching and easy to understand is not an easy task. Another challenge is for you is to make it unique and more attractive. This is where infographics come in. Here are the reasons that make infographics important.

1. It makes information / Data more appealing: It is not an ordinary bar chart or flow chart but is more off a union of creative designs and vital information. With infographics, information is presented with more appeal which makes it more effective than mere text. The creative use of colors, lines, and shapes makes it unique.

2. It shows valuable ideas: Infographics are not mere works of art; there is lot of information packed in it. The presentation & information can leave you impressed. Without doubt you will be thankful to the people conceptualizing the infographic after reading and understanding it.

3. It is attention-grabbing: With its appealing designs, your attention will really be caught by the infographic. Your curiosity as to what are those lines, charts and graphs will make sure that you have learned something very important without feeling the effort for it.

4. It is easier to understand: Since information is simplified, you will find it easier to understand infographics. The data is well presented in graphs and charts, and you will be happier to see them in a well-designed image You don\'t have to break your brains trying to understand long pages of data and numbers because you can easily get the idea with a single glance at an infographic.

5. It lessens boredom: Complex information will certainly bore you. Most of the people don\'t want to spend time reading pages & understanding complex facts and figures. It seems like a waste of time when you can actually get info in a simpler manner through infographics. Now boring presentations can be given life now.

6. It awakens one\'s interest: Even those who are oblivious of important facts will have the interest to look at infographics, even people with no interest in that particular information.

7. It is accessible: Internet has made it available & easily searchable in search engines for everyone. It can also be printed on paper and still successfully convey information. Anyone can see it and have a grasps of it.

8. It is more persuasive: Due to its unique way of presenting information and its clear manner of arrangement, it can easily persuade the readers. It is more convincing and influencing. The readers would less likely doubt the data they are seeing.

9. It is memorable: The use of bright colors, graphs and shapes makes it easy for infographics to be remembered by the people. As research shows that images are easier to commit in oneís memory, so the television advertisements are effective because of the use of visual presentation. Infographics give a similar effect.

10. It can easily relay info: The clear data representation can relay information well. There would be lesser misinterpretations in using infographics because of the good presentation of facts and figures.

As clearly laid out, infographics can get you straight to the point. It really takes to be creative and smart in order to come up with an effective infographic. 

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